How to Install Car Roof Racks the Right Way

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The specific rules for how to install car roof racks will vary by each model. A Toyota Camry roof rack might have different standards for installing it when you consider the body of such a vehicle, for instance. But there are a few basics that are typically used in a majority of cases.


Use a Proper Series of Adapters

To begin, you would have to get a few adapters added onto the sides of your vehicle. These adapters will have to be fastened onto the inside parts of the doors. The sizing for such adapters will vary by each car.

Four adapters are typically required. These are to be placed parallel to one another to create an even amount of coverage in a spot.

You must choose a proper roof rack based on the vehicle model you have plus the year that car was made. The sizing standards for a rack can vary based on where you go.


Use Proper Mount Holes

Mount holes will have to be used for installing one of these racks. Mount holes are typically found on vehicles as pre-drilled spaces although sometimes new ones might have to be added. It might help to get a professional team to assist you with getting such holes added onto your car as necessary.


Enough Clearance is Needed

The installation process will also require enough clearance. The racks should be a few inches above the main body of the vehicle. This should be enough to allow you to add all kinds of roof rack accessories like a roof basket. This comes as there will be room to secure other items onto the racks. Of course, you will need room for supporting ropes, cords or other items that can be used to fasten large items onto a roof rack.

Car roof racks are very appealing and useful to have on any vehicle provided that they are installed right. Be certain when ordering such a rack that you find one that is easy to install regardless of the type of car you have. Make sure the one you order to compatible with that particular vehicle.